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Why You Should Be Wearing Minimalistic Sneakers

10 Gifts for yourself – that you won’t receive anyway…

10 gifts for yourself

Hey guys!

We all have those Christmas wishes, that we really wish for, but deep down know that we’re not gonna receive. First, because they are most likely more expensive than your loved ones would  pay for, and second, because they think it’s dumb…. – which it is not!

Here is 10 gifts for yourself – may it be a inspiration or your shopping list:

1. Nuova Simonelli Oscar II – Here

Well who doesn’t enjoy a GREAT cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning!? Well I for one does, and I could imagine that you do this as well!

2. Mazzer Mini A – Here

In order to get the best cup of coffee, you really need a proper grinder! People seem to neglect this, but a good grinder is the key to a good cup of coffee!

3. Lanvin Blazer – Here

We’ve all seen that black blazer before, and yes we’re all a little tired of it. By now we want something a little more special, something that illustrates our personality!

4. Thom Browne Shirt – Here

This shirt is by now a definite Thom Browne signature – and man it is cool!

5. Dolce & Gabbana  short sleeved shirt – Here

This shirt will prepare you for the forthcoming spring and summer! A shirt that will keep you slick a.f!

6.  Maison Margiela pinstriped trousers – Here

Lately I’ve had a thing for pinstriped trousers. It’s a quite subtle way to really spark up a simple look. And these from Maison Margiela are really spot on!

7.  Gucci Double Monkstraps – Here

No explanation needed…

8. Alexander McQueen Cuff – Here

A little wrist game beside your watch really gets you going!

9. Gucci Bengal Tote bag – Here

Unless you’re entirely new to fashion, then you’ve probably noticed the entire geek-chic 70’s vibrant thing that Gucci has going on right now. This tote bag is the essence of just that!

10. Caso Wine fridge – Here

You need your wine at the right temperature. Whether you care or not, it is a cool accessory for your home!

 Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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