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Back to the Brioni we know..

After Brioni ‘s short attempt with fashion forward collections with Justin O’Shea as creative director (read more HERE), the brand seems to be going back to their core. That’s at least what these newly published videos insinuate. So what is their core? The one thing that they probably know better than...

Another Kind of Dapper

Dapper in the literal sense is defined by the Meriam-Webster dictionary as a) looking neat and trimmed, or as b) looking very spruce and stylish. I think whenever people hear dapper they very quickly think of a very trimmed look in the sense of traditional menswear. Here the key parametheres are the...

23 Menswear pieces to get at Black Friday

Once again it’s time for Black Friday. The day where retailers celebrate… well, to be honest I don’t know what, but the prices drop for just a day (or a few). I’ve gathered no less than 23 pieces that I feel is worth shopping – especially with a discount. Some of...


Hey all of you!👋 So lets address the hoodie for a moment. We all have a bunch of cozy hoodies sitting in the closet. For along time I only really wore them when I was hungover. This has definitely changed! What if I told you that you can actually wear...
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