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3 looks for New Years Eve


Hey guys, have you settled on what you should be wearing for New Years Eve?

If not? Then I have some inspiration for you right here. I’ve gathered 3 kind of looks that will work perfectly for the last party of the year. One thing to keep in mind is that it is only New Years Eve once a year, and according to tradition, it should be done in style! One very common dresscode for New Years Eve is the tuxedo, and thus will this guide take outset in the very same. Well, tuxedos and dinner jackets…

The Classic Tuxedo Look


This is without a doubt the most classic and elegant look in the entire menswear category!

How to work it: search for a tuxedo with rich fabrics – because this really shows. Whether you dig silk peak lapel or silk shawl collar is really up to you. Both works great! In order to really nail the look? Make sure to wear a tuxedo shirt and a bow tie. And don’t even consider to wear a pre-tied bow tie.

The Modern Dinner Jacket


Whether you dig the velvet dinner jacket or the more extravagant patterned dinner jacket then you’ll be standing out in style! Especially the velvet jackets are really coming forward currently! I know that this is a bolder look, but celebrating the end of the year should be done in a bold manner!

The Variation


Rules are meant to be broken right? Or well, in some cases just slightly altered. On that note, skip the bow tie and feel free to unbutton the shirt. This way you’re ready for the late night clubbing!

I hope that you are at least one step closer to finding your New Years Eve outfit.

Best Regards

Portrait De L’HOMME


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