recommended skin care products for men

4 recommended skin care products for men


Skin care is a thing that most men don’t really think much of. And I totally understand why. You don’t want to spend hours and hours merely taking care of your skin, heck I don’t even want that! But I can definitely feel a difference whenever I actually take just a little responsibility when it comes to my skin! I’ve been told (by the sweet Beauté Pacifique crew) that men have won the skin lottery. We have inherited a thick skin that our male hunter and gatherer ancestors developed, meaning that it is about 20% thicker than a woman’s skin. So no girls, we don’t have a thick skull, we just have thick skin. Well nonetheless it means that we don’t have to take AS good care of our skin as our opposite gender. However that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take care at all! You know, your skin is here with you for the rest of your life. Sure it might seem fresh and tight now, but what about in 20 years?

As most men I want efficiency. I’m not keen on 20 minute masks. I want it to be over with quick and I want it to be effective. Thats not to say that I don’t enjoy taking care of my skin, I just don’t feel like spending hours every day – and I imagine that you don’t either. So to make it all even more easy for you; here are 4 recommended skin care products for men that I use and definitely can vouch for!


recommended skin care products for men

Lets start with the cleanse. This is the first thing that I do when hitting the shower. Wet my face, squeeze out a finger tip of the beauty pacifique purifying foam cleanser, and rub it on my face. Leave it on for 5-10 seconds and wash off. This product is part of the Masculinity line that Beauté Pacificque have developed for the sake of men. As said men have a thicker skin, and that’s why they’ve added extra vitamin A to their ‘recipe’.

You can shop the Beauté Pacifique Masculinity Purifying Foam Cleanser HERE (Affiliate).


recommended skin care products for menOkay, so this product I only use whenever my skin REALLY feels bad. Mainly because it is a little more time consuming (than the Masculinity purifying foam cleanser above) and because it’s recommended only to use it every 1 – 3 times a week. This product goes deep into skin with it’s scrub like consistency, AHA acids and enzyme peel. However the process is as follows: Wash your face (using for example the foam cleanser), dry your face with a towel so that your skin is still damped, apply a squeeze of the pure triple peel to your skin in circular motions, leave it for 3-5 minutes, wash off, feel how fresh that your skin feels afterwards. I usually apply this in the shower, the only tricky part is to dry your face without making your towel all wet.

This product isn’t marketed for men as such, but it really do the trick no matter the gender. Many skin care products in fact are made to be unisex, but as the main target group are women, then you’ll often find these products in women’s skin care aisle. If you want to save yourself the trouble of walking those aisles, then thank god for online shopping. You can purchase it right HERE.


recommended skin care products for men

Now that you’ve washed off all the dead skin cells, then you’ve also washed off all the moist giving cells. This requires you to add some moist for your skin. If you don’t then your skin is going to feel inelastic and dried out. Applying just a little bit of the masculinity moisturizing day creme really goes a long way! It moisturises the skin, softens the skin and adds a bit of a glow to the skin so that it seem more dynamic. However, when it comes to moisturisers, then a little goes a long way! Adding to much will make your skin feel all grease and in fact dirty! As said, a little goes a long way!

And another tip, which I’m not all sure whether is true or not; to achieve the best result, then the moisturiser must be applied within 4 minutes after leaving the shower. This is so that your skin is still damped when you apply the moisturiser. In that way it is more effectively absorbed into the skin. Whether or not this is in fact true (which I feel that it is, but it might just be a confirmation bias), then it is just a good rule of thumb, because in that way you remember to get it done!

Beauté pacifique also makes an anti age night creme, but to me that one makes my skin a little to greasy and uncomfortable, so I actually just use the day creme both in the morning and the evening. Sounds good with the Beauté Pacifique Masculinity moisturising day creme? Then you can shop it HERE (Affiliate).


recommended skin care products for men

And saving probably the best for last. I really like the Beauté Pacifique Masculinity moisturizing day creme, but this one has to be my favourite! The Dr. Grandel Men Matte IQ is probably – to me – the ultimate moisturiser. Why? Because not only does it moisturise your skin, it also reduces the greasy glossiness that your skin may experience during the day (due to sweating, melting hair products and sebum).

Well technically I’m not using this product currently, but thats only because I’ve actually just run out! Shop the Dr. Grandel Men Matte IQ HERE.

That’s it for my 4 recommended skin care products for men. Let me know in the comments below if you have any recommended skin care products for men yourself. In mood for some shaving gear? I’ve previously zoomed in on  the Barberians CPH shaving gear HERE.

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