5 ties you should have in your wardrobe

5 ties you should have

Whether you are a style novice or highly experienced dresser, then there is always space for a new tie in your closet. So let’s make sure that you are covered for any occasion that may require a tie. Below you’ll find the categories of 5 ties that you should have in your wardrobe, and where to shop them. And no, there is no single-coloured skinny tie. Neither is there a tie for black tie events because that’s when you wear a bow tie.

Let’s get to it!

The Classy Tie

This is the tie that you would sport for more formal events. It’s not fit for a tuxedo, but could easily be rocked with a clean-cut dark grey suit. Having a slight shift in nuances between the dark grey suit jacket and a black tie creates a classy elegant look. Even though the black and grey would be quite similar, then the diagonal stripes will provide a dynamic feel.

Shop a similar tie here.


The Funny Tie

I’ll admit, this is for the skilled. A funny, or slightly humoristic, tie is great for bringing life to a wardrobe defined by conformity. If you’re wearing a suit more or less every day, you’ll want something to brighten up your mood once in a while. You can’t just slip in a hoodie and a baseball cap like the rest of us mere mortals, but you can put on a tie that indicate that everything isn’t as black and white as it may seem. My personal recommendation is to go for a tie with a subtle motif, so that it won’t be recognised from the distance, but only when it gets up close. Further, this tie is a perfect choice for occasions where a sense of humour is allowed, like company Christmas parties etc..

Shop a funny tie here (a horse jumping over a ‘horse’) or here (a kangaroo carrying a baby kangaroo in a backpack).


The Striped Knit Tie

This type of tie is honestly great for more or less everything. It is not as formal as a silk tie, but can easily be worn with a suit to add a low key classy vibe. Otherwise with a blazer for more of a preppy look. It basically goes with anything. I’ve worn these ties with denim jackets and double breasted suits. It works well for those scenarios and pretty much anything in between.

Here are 3 variants which are all horizontally striped, but still very different from each other. All 3 ties are from Danish An Ivy who cater to all of your sartorial needs. You can find out more about this cool company here, or about the co-founder, my buddy PreppyBeast, here.

Shop the first knit tie here, second knit tie here, third knit tie here.

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The Bossy Tie

Okay, first rule with this tie. Nothing less than a Windsor knot for this tie. If you don’t know how to tie a Windsor knot, go look it up. And no, trinity knots are not an option either! You want conformity and class. This tie indicates that sloppiness is not tolerated. This is a tie that shows that you’ve got your shit together. It is definitely worth putting in a few extra bucks, but I guarantee you that you will be able keep this forever.

Shop a bossy tie here (blue) or here (blue/red).

5 ties you should

The Fashionable Tie

This is the tie that shows that you know how to play along with trends. The tie that indicate that formal wear doesn’t have to be as conventional as it pretty much always is. One of my favourite looks involves this kind of tie, a pair of suit trousers, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled and a pair of loafers. I can’t count how many times I’ve worn this look.

Shop a fashionable tie here (Prada) or here (Gucci).


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