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A Family Dinner Outfit

Familiy Dinner Outfit

A Family Dinner Outfit

My family have never been formal. At all. My sister and I have been raised well, and always with practicality as the no. 1 rule. Honestly, through the times it has served me well. However, lately have it also fostered a counter effect with my interest in fashion – which my parents do not hold any interest in. At all. Of course my mother likes to be well dressed for special occasions, but never over the top. My dad feels best in his washed out black Levi’s 501 and a black tee. He has only once in the last 6 years worn a tie, and prior to that, I guess it goes all the way back to the late 80’s.. 😉

So when my parents invited my sister, my girlfriend and I over for a family birthday dinner I was surprised to see my dad, wearing a shirt and blazer. I was a little amused, but it was nice to see him dressed up after all. It also proves me right when I say that every man could get great results, with just a little effort.

Nonetheless it was his birthday, and he of course got another pair of 501s, a few sweaters and the new late David Bowie album, Black Star. A quite solid album. It’s actually quite fun, as he is quite the Bowie fan, but as his birthday was just a few days after the release date, he resisted the temptation of buying the album himself. You could easily see the relief in his face when he opened and it was exactly what he had hoped for! And the relief that he would not have to go pick it up, and had waited in vain after all. But the birthday boy got what he wanted and as I said, it’s a solid album. I would definitely recommend it.

About the outfit

As for this family dinner outfit I was wearing something more of a preppy styled outfit. Blue Scotch & Soda trousers with a dot pattern, a light grey blazer with a blue tint and white dress shirt from Zara, a navy suede belt, my gorgeous Clark’s tanned brogues a a blue paisley tie from Atlas Design and last but not least a pocket square also from Atlas Design.

What I like about this outfit is that it is on point, but it’s still rather down to earth. The more sturdy fabrics tend to dress it a little down, and also when wearing a light colored blazer makes the outfit more of a lunch/office wear style. But I really feel that it came great together as a strong family dinner outfit.

And as the tie and pocket square, I love patterns. The wilder the better (almost). I overheard a lady in a department store pointing at the very tie I’m wearing in these photos, and saying “Ugh, who would ever wear that!?”. Well I would. And the amount of game that a patterned tie can bring to your outfit is unbelievable.

Familiy Dinner OutfitFamiliy Dinner OutfitFamiliy Dinner OutfitFamiliy Dinner Outfit

That’s a wrap for this time,

Best regards and see you next time!

Jon Morck
Portrait De L’HOMME


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