A lesson in Perfection. Holzweiler SS19 – Portrait De L'HOMME
Inclusion, Political and Maturity. Muf10 SS19 show was a success!

A lesson in Perfection. Holzweiler SS19

Norwegian brand Holzweiler once again presented their collection at the Copenhagen fashion week. And by god was I looking forward to this! You see, I missed the show earlier this year due as I did not reach the press bus driving to the venue in time. My goal for this fashion week was to NOT miss this show!

Honestly, the Holzweiler SS19 was nothing less than a lesson in perfection. Muted tones with pops of bright contrasting colors, an on trend use of utility pockets, and plenty of bags to accessorise the outfits. One might think that it might be a tad too perfect, without any radical head turning pieces. However, all of the pieces were consistently coherent in key with the brands identity.

In particular I was big fan of the striped silk shirts and the vest-worn-over-trench-coat styling. All pieces that can worn straight off the runway. The only piece that might require a particular attitude to pull off is a piece that looks more like a life jacket than anything else (the only questionable piece in my opinion), but then again it was worn over.

The collection was accompanied by a beautiful melodic spoken words art piece by Alexander Fallo entitled ‘Vår Sommer’ (translated Spring Summer) with composition of pianist Alexander McKenzie. This piece referenced the Norwegian summer, which according to co-founder Susanne Holzweiler is something exotic and different from the rest of the world. To set the stage was a gigantic tent constructed in order to give a notion of a camping trip. All in all a very delightful show built around wearable garments.


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