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A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody

A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody


A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody, did it?

Shopping in Paris you say? You most definitely wanna go to Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré. That is of course if you feel like spending your entire savings in the blink of an eye. So we did. And so we did. A little shopping never hurt nobody, did it?

At Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré pretty much all the great fashion houses have their retail stores lying side by side. So no surprise that we spend our savings. Who could resist such a temptation?

I’ve recently begun to tap into the area of pocket squares. And of course, if you wanna do something, do it right! So first stop was at Hermés. I went for a light blue and the signature orange pocket square. I rarely say this, but Oh My Gawd.. Classy, elegant and yet still chic and bold. This pocket square is definitely going to show up in some outfits sometime in the future. When in this gigantic store, one cannot simply help but falling in love, with pretty much anything. So I did. A beautiful silk tie. I rarely wear neckties, as I believe they tend to make the outfit look just a wee bit to stiff. But of course, there are several occasions of which it is a necessity. And if it is needed, you definitely want to have just the right one!


A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody

A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody




And there is the Dior experience… This is most definitely how you want to buy high-end fashion. After carefully selecting the right pair of sunglasses (or what ever you may want to buy) you are being followed to the payment room. This is a deocorated room where you are seated at a little table, just waiting for your turn to pay. But this room is not just any room. This room is neatly decorated in the best manner of house Dior luxury. When ready, you are kindly followed to the payment desk (I wont even call it a counter), the transactions are being made, and then you can finally take home your beloved new acquisition. If you ever consider buying something from Dior, even the smaller things, do it in there. Definitely the best shopping experience I’ve ever had.


About the outfit

This day was rather cold and a little windy, so in order to keep warm I went for a woolen outfit. Pairing wools work great for the fall and winter seasons, as long as make sure to mix the colors, so that it wont look like you’ve just imitated a woolen suit. Of course these rules of mixing colors and fabrics apply for every instance.

But I went for a pair of Selected charcoal woolen trousers, a wine red merino woolen jumper by Tiger of Sweden (shop similar), black derbys by Lloyd and a Gucci dress belt (shop similar). On top of that I wore a navy trench by Zara, and of course, one does simply not stay in Paris without wearing a scarf! The French label Létol, which specializes in scarfs made from organic cotton, makes this beautiful scarf. Besides being made from organic cotton, they have a truly beautiful print. I chose this exact scarf, as the red print on the scarf matches the color of the jumper, making some sort of coherence within the look despite that the beige parts of the scarf is from a totally different color scheme.



To be honest about the jacket.. I actually thought to myself when purchasing it, that “this will be one of these pieces which I’ll be wearing like 1 or 2 times. Tops!” But it turns out the contrary. This trench turns out to dominate rather much of my current rotation.



Portrait De L’Homme



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