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Who says that you can’t be cozy while browsing art pieces? No-one I guess, but would you wear your pyjamas to a gallery? I would. I teamed up with Ambassador 1867 for a trip to Aarhus to visit three distinct art location: GALLERIV58, Charlotte Fogh Gallery and of course, no Aarhus art tour without the grandiose AROS. For those of you who don’t know ambassador 1867, they are the ones making my favourite PJ’s – which I also wear on every day basis! On this Aarhusian art tour I brought my grey flannel Ambassador 1867 pyjamas and styled it differently for each location. I must say browsing art has never been more comfortable!


First stop, GALLERIV58. The gallery itself is situated in a restored historic building that embraces every single crooked corner – even hallway and staircase are used to display art. You even get a very homey feeling while browsing art pieces! Currently at GALLERIV58 are exhibiting beautiful art works by Elin Engelsen, expressing her deep connection to the sea, as well as sculptures by Vivian Høi Nielsen that combines eternity and ephemerality taking inspiration from universal figures.


Charlotte Fogh Gallery

Art piece by Martin Bigum

You find Charlotte Fogh Gallery hidden in a backyard in the latin quarter of the Aarhus. A small but very aesthetically appealing gallery situated in a basement. The gallery embraces the open space and combined with the glazed concrete floors this is a very peaceful place to be. Currently can Martin Bigum’s “The Ocean Doesn´t Sleep At Night” including Paintings, drawings and composition for grand piano be found be found at Charlotte Fogh Gallery.


ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

You cannot say ‘art’ and ‘Aarhus’ without instantly thinking of ARoS. This gigantic modernistic designed museum houses a large range of highly interesting art collections. One of them in particular left such a mark on me that I had to bring home a poster of one of the pieces from the gift shop. Aside from the wonderful art pieces, the building itself is an architectural wonder. Alone the staircase on the inside is nothing less than amazing.

Shop My Look – In The AROS gift shop

The key item of these three looks is the PJ from Ambassador 1867. Besides being able to cop it from Ambassador’s webshop, ARoS’ giftshop actually also sells these! To be honest, this giftshop is so much more than just art books and posters! It’s filled with small decor pieces that you really want to bring home, as well as clothing and accessories.

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