About Wine Shopping and Mixing Prints with Patterns


Okay, so the title above is probably one of the longest and most diverse I’ve ever made. Nonetheless, todays topic is twofold. First we are going to talk about wine shopping, and next we are going to talk about mixing prints with patterns.


Those of you who know me best, also knows that my kitchen is filled with wine! I’ll gladly open a bottle whenever friends or family is over, or maybe just if the food calls for it. You know, it’s only Tuesday once a week.

But where does all this wine come from? Once each year I’m travelling with the misses and her parents to the southwestern regions of France – and man is the wine good here! We have a tradition of driving back and forth between wineries and shop so that we have (at least!) enough for a year. Obviously, you need to buy a certain quantity, but then they let you taste the different wines. This way you make sure that whatever you bring home is actually something that you like. It’s usually cheaper to buy wine this way, but the real saving is also that you don’t have to spend hours by your local wine pusher (where you have no idea how it actually tastes) every time you have something special coming up.

Some of my personal favourites that I’ve recently shopped would be:


Languedoc cuvée Expression Nature Blanc (a stable in my kitchen!)

Picpoul de Pinet cuvée Prestige

Domaine La Fadeze Chardonnay


Languedoc cuvée Expression Nature Rouge (also a stable in my kitchen!)

Les Yeuses Ô d’Yeuses


As for styling, I went into something a little bolder. Matching print with patterns. Something that most men (rightfully) steer clear off. It can, however, be done. What you should care for is that despite the conflicting robes, then are still some coherence. In this case, the coherence was centred around the colour scheme of blue and white. Being conscious about how you combine the colours, allows you to experiment with different prints and patterns. However, my advice to you: start with subtlety.

mix-patterns-9  mix-patterns-11 mix-patterns-6 mix-patterns-3 mix-patterns-2 mix-patterns-4 mix-patterns-5 mix-patterns-8

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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