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My name is Jon and I’m the author of the blog Portrait De L’HOMME. Portrait De L’HOMME is a mens fashion and lifestyle blog with the purpose of educating the modern man about refinement and trends. The trends shown will all be presented with my own personal take on them. A general topic of the blog, is that the man should allow himself, to invest just a few more moment on his appearance. The reward of this investment will boost his confidence and thus be shown in all his activities.

About Me

I’m 24 years old, live in beautiful Copenhagen and study at Copenhagen Business School. At Copenhagen Business School I’m enrolled at the masters program Cand.Soc in Management of Creative Business Processes. Besides being a fashionista, I’m a devoted coffee addict. Coffee related topics may thus appear frequently as part the content.

 For most parts the photographer is my girlfriend, or but all editing is done by myself.

As stated, fashion is obviously a huge part of this blog, but there are many aspects here in life. This blog will thus not only be about menswear – but rather strive towards creating a portrait of a modern man.


Jon Mørck
Portrait De L’HOMME

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