An upcycled collection shot for Les Deux

Why bother bringing a backdrop to a remote white ridge? Because at some level it actually makes sense. The purpose of the Les Deux upcycle capsule collection, which this series of images was shot for, is convey the message of utilziing deadstock fabrics and reducing the need to exctract virgin materials. Why? Because it benefits us all by not tearing furhter on our shared mother earth. The cliff thus become the embodiment of the struggles that lies ahead.

The image series was shot earlier this year for the Les Deux Upcycle Collection. A capsule collection have just launched and speaks to the timelessness in a man’s wardrobe. The pieces that are no so easily interchangeable.

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Talent: Sofus Zadi
Creative Direction: Mathias Jensen
Photographer: Jon Grossert
Styling: Jon Grossert / Mathias Jensen
Assistant / BTS: Carl Würtz

Portrait De L’HOMME

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