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Another Kind of Dapper

Another Kind of Dapper

Dapper in the literal sense is defined by the Meriam-Webster dictionary as a) looking neat and trimmed, or as b) looking very spruce and stylish. I think whenever people hear dapper they very quickly think of a very trimmed look in the sense of traditional menswear. Here the key parametheres are the perfect cuts and stylish accessories. But there is also another kind of dapper. Something that I like to think of as contemporary dapper. Still relying of the very neat styling, but then much more focused on current trends. In this case it would for example be the white trainers, cargo pants and the shearling jacket. But simply because you have that more classy dress shirt/jumper combo underneath, then it gives you a reference to the traditional menswear wardrobe. A reference that makes the whole look come off as dapper – in a sense.

Something that I usually wouldn’t do is to leave a dress shirt untucked. I’m usually very much against this. I do however think that in this case it works better with the shirt untucked, than tucked. The two reasons being that the Zanerobe cargo pants are a jogger hybrid, meaning that the waist consist of a elastic band, and that a bit of composed sloppiness can give a look a bit of an edge.

The benefit of the untucked shirt is also that it adds a touch of white that breaks up the otherwise very tonal look. This makes the outfit a little less uniform like. Something you actually wan to do to break away from the traditional kind of dapper.

What would you prefer? A traditional dapper or another kind of dapper?

another-kind-of-dapper-1Another Kind of Dapper


different-kind-of-dapper-grafik-1 another-kind-of-dapper-7

shop-similar-sneakersanother-kind-of-dapper-details  shop-similar-shearling

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