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How To Appear More Sophisticated

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Hey Guys!

Here is a trick – and it’s real plain simple. It does come with a bit of consumerism, but it is a way to appear more sophisticated and look damn good meanwhile! Here it is: Get yourself a roll neck jumper (and loafers – but those are just subsidiary…). We’ve seen it so many times before, but it’s a staple! It’s a definite menswear must have, that will work with so many different stylings that you wouldn’t be able to count them all!

In this outfit I’m wearing it to at just a bit of class to an otherwise rather rugged outfit. The roll neck adds that touch of sophistication (and then the loafers are just the frosting on top! 😉 ).

And look, even Artemis approves of it the roll neck…

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Don’t worry, I’m not dressing my cat up like any crazy doll fetish. She’s wearing a bodystocking to avoid her from licking the stitches that she had from her sterilisation.

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