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Highlights from AW17 Paris Fashion Week Mens

Hey guys!

I’ve been very inactive the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been a little occupied with exams. This means that I haven’t been able to catch (that much) up on the previous fashion shows. However, the late Paris Fashion Week Mens have recently finished and here is a few of my highlights from the coming AW17 collection

Louis Vuitton


The hyped Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration rumours was finally confirmed at the Louis Vuitton show! The NYC skate brand paired up with the Parisian luxury brand for a wide variety of products. Ranging from skate decks to bags and shirts this collaboration left nothing sacred. Set the hype from the Supreme collab aside then it still wasn’t the best part of the show! The wide trousers and fur coats (especially that crook shearling!) left an elegant aesthetic impression on me.

Alexandre Mattiussi AMI


AMI is one of those brands where I would wear it all! Always relying on simplicity Alexandre Mattiussi knows how to do a lot with very little. The entire universe is very modest combining a neutral palette with just a touch of solid color! Alexandre Mattiussi really manifest how much you can do with just a little color! The entire collection comes along as nothing less than Parisian chic!



Balmain equals extravaganza! This has already been established. Olivier Rousteing continues to provide the dedicated followers with richly decorated and voluminous looks. Olive green and army was a common color choice at the shows, accompanied by full black looks. Army looks that may challenge the current Valentino-camu cash cow? Further was voluminous clean aesthetic cuts a big part of the collection. Besides that were there looks that could make a modern narcissistic sith lord envious!



Not much to say. The richness of textures, deep mesmerising colors, and a laid back chic vibe that any guy should strive towards! And double breasted is a BIG yasss!!



Études are currently one of the most interesting Parisian brands on the radar. Their signature use of a bright blue, yellow or orange in a neutral styling was spotted was of course present. What I really liked was that it challenged some of the conventional cuts. And then there was this drop shoulder over coat which is beyond this world!


Kris Van Assche – creative director of Dior Homme – have a thing for black, and who can blame him! What stood out in my opinion (besides that sick black look to the left) was the vivid turquoise roll neck accompanied by orange gloves. Technically it is not really a complex look (except that the jumper is worn over the suit jacket), but it just does something for me. Last, then there is that short fox fur jacket, with signature Dior black/red/white details. I agree that a fur coat is not for everyone! But if it can be worn as chic as this, then it should!



The departure of Maria Grazia (one part of the Valentino design duo) marks a subtle shift in the design. Runners, sweatshirts, caps and skinny bowties were staples on most of the looks – and it worked! In particular seemed Pierpaolo Picciolli to have adopted a bit of the Gucci granny chic – not much, but just a tad. Further did the collection involve a collaboration with the punk legend Jamie Reid.

Acne Studios


In my mind Acne studios are synonymous with tonal looks and beautiful aesthetic cuts, and the AW17 collection is a testament to that! Nonetheless, I think that their sneakers are going to be BIG this fall!


Sometimes less is more and I’ll leave it with that.

Hope you found some inspiration, because I know I’m gonna find inspiration from the aw17 Paris Fashion Week for the fall.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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