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Here Is What I Promised You Yesterday.

b day -7

Hey there! 🙂
So in yesterday’s post I mentioned that yesterday was actually my birthday and promised to give you an update on what happened. The misses and I had both taken the day off so that we had plenty of time to enjoy our selves.

The Day In Words

Gifts In The Bed
Well, we woke up (duh!) and as Astrid is the kind of type that cannot wait with giving presents, it was done as the first thing in bed. Two beautiful neckties and a coffee roasting course. So generous she is!

Next thing on the agenda was brunch. There is this cozy new little café in my neighbourhood that we often had discussed to try out. From outside it looks just small and cozy, when entering I was about to have second thoughts. But when the food arrived it was very well worth it! Simply great coffee, juice and food! Check it out here.

Strolling in The Copenhagen Botanical Garden
Actually it was planned that we should just stay in, lay in the couch for most of the day. But as the misses and I rarely have time to spend during the day together we decided that we would head outside and just stroll around. We went to the beautiful Copenhagen Botanical Garden – where we of course brought the camera (duh!).

Rosé With A View
When a slight hunger – and craving for wine – presented it self we went to the Illum rooftop restaurants. Here, at restaurant Maio, we enjoyed a delightful glass of rosé with cold italian cuts on the side. It was pleasant to just sit and enjoy the sun with a glass of wine in the hand – in the middle of the city. Only downside? Some street musician had a really hard time playing Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’. But nonetheless he kept it on repeat.

Need I say more?

I rarely eat sushi. Most of all because Astrid do not eat fish. At all. But I lured her into Sticks N’ Sushi as she could have the sticks and I could have my sushi. I have a tendency to order way more food than I can actually eat, and this was another of such incident. This meant that we could barely walk when we went outta there. Something happened though. They were having a new waitress that evening, and unfortunately that probably wasn’t her best of nights. We sort of felt pity for her as she obviously tried her best. However, the funniest thing was that on her uniform it was written “Undskyld hvis det går i fisk – jeg er ny”, which roughly translated “Sorry if I screw up – I’m new”. However “går i fisk” correctly translated to “goes to fish”, which is funny because you know, sushi.. The rest of the staff wore t-shirts stating that “Sushi is a fish in Haute Couture” – who can argue with that!!

The Day In Pictures (almost the entire day)

Off to brunch kinda look. 

b day -1 b day -2

I know I ordered a small cup of coffee, but …b day -3

Mmmmm…b day -4

The Beautiful Copenhagen Botanical Gardens – Finally we scared off enough people to get an undisturbed idyllic picture. Fellow bloggers you know what I mean… 😉b day -5 b day -6

Afternoon cravings – A glass of roséb day -8 b day -9

Yup, that’s all. Not gonna share my sushi with you.. this time… 😉

Thank you for reading. See you soon.

Best Regards

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