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Sand Copenhagen x Cover Party outfit

That Back Pack trend?

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Hey you – It’s good to see you!

I’ve never been the back pack kinda guy. Had one in high school, but always seemed to use a messenger bag instead. However since moving to Copenhagen I’ve begun to actually use a bike on regular basis. BUT a messenger bag on a bike is no wonderful solution! So after some time I decided that I’d break my no back pack rule. And what better time to do so, then the time where back packs are trending. I know that I’m a bit late on that back pack trend – but in general I’m not the biggest fan.

The bag is from the danish brand Rains. A brand that specialise in rainwear. It’s a wonderful spacious back pack that easily fits my 15″ macbook. Oh, and yeah it waterproof!

The rest of the outfit consist of a slim fit black tee, a wool fedora, drop crotch flannel trousers, a statement Gucci belt and white sneakers for the contrast.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

Rains x Hip-5 Rains x Hip-3 Rains x Hip-6 Rains x Hip-10 Rains x Hip-12 Rains x Hip-11

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Price: 599 DKK



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