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Back to the Brioni we know..

Back to the Brioni we know..After Brioni ‘s short attempt with fashion forward collections with Justin O’Shea as creative director (read more HERE), the brand seems to be going back to their core. That’s at least what these newly published videos insinuate. So what is their core? The one thing that they probably know better than any other brand in the industry? The suits and exquisite tailoring.

Brioni’s heritage dates back to Via Barberini, Rome, 1945, where they opened their first store. A few years later (1952) Brioni were the first brand to stage a menswear catwalk show. Though considered innovative at the time, you need to remember, that men’s fashion at that time was still quite conservative. This means that it was still the conventional menswear attire, but exploration with new colors, fabrics and cuts. Since then Brioni has been the go to destination for celebrities, 007 agents and other high rollers.

In these recent videos the bespoke house takes you backstage to show you exactly what they do. Showing you the Brioni we know.


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