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BC AW16 Show At Hotel D?Angleterre

Fashion week was, as everyone else in fashion knows, very intense! I’ve mentioned in a previous post what my CPHFW was like – read it here. This post is going to be about the Birger Christensen BC AW16 show at Hotel D’Angleterre.

The Outfit

The outfit that I wore was almost all black, monochrome and very rockish. Black leather pants, black fedora, black blazer with no lapels but a black leather trim, black dress shoes, an aaaalmost black dress shirt, a black dress belt and a black tie. Oh and not forget, the most beautiful silver fox fur collar which I borrowed from Birger Christensen for this special occasion. You’ve gotta be representing the house. 😉

I was sort of going for a Saint Laurent rock inspired look, which I think worked rather well! Especially the leather pants made the point clear. I’m usually not much of a leather pants type of guy, but I can safely say that after this I’ve become just that.


Fur Collar – Birger Christensen
Blazer – Zara
Fedora – Second Hand
Dress shirt – HUGO by Hugo Boss
Tie – Dior
Leather Pants – Second Hand
Dress shoes – Lloyd Shoes
Pocket Square – Atlas Design



The Settings

The BC AW16 show took place in the beautiful Palms Court at the majestic Hotel D’Angleterre in the center of Copenhagen. Just a stone’s throw from the Birger Christensen flagship store. Before the show the Julius Ceasar hall of Hotel D’Angleterre was used for a little pre-show exhibition. The guests was served a glass of Rosé which they could sip on while enjoying a few of Trine Søndergaard’s pictures from Martin Asbæk Gallery. Furthermore the visitors was able to watch a live demonstration of the craftsmanship by the furriers. Last but not least, we’ve had the cutest small teddies made from mink fur. A kind of mascot for Birger Christensen. So cute. As for show music Danish DJ Thomas Madvig set the mood, which was really great.





Highlights from the show

Fur fashion is trending right now. This cannot be denied. However, fur fashion is not like fashion forward fashion. In general for fur fashion to be trending means a lot to the focus on sustainability. In general, fur is the second most sustainable fabric (only second to wool) and if taken well care of the a fur coat can last for generations.

As something new the show contained more fur for men. 7 new styles was introduced and these 3 are definitely my top picks!

1. The Beaver Anorak

The BC AW16 collection welcomed different perspectives of how to wear fur. One of these categories is called ‘Active’. This beaver Anorak gives a sporty look, while maintaining that classy and cool look a fur usually provides.


2. The Classy Long

Long fur coats are undeniable trending, which is great for the colder fall and winter climates. This fur coat remain subtle both in cut and color, yet it provides such a great level of style. You’ll be able to rock this coat either if you’re going for a streetstyle approach or even a more dapper look.


3. The Extravagant Grey Swakara

Fur fashion at it’s finest. Swakara. The Swakara comes (most often) from the South Western Africa, and is fur from the Karakul lamb. Hence the name, swakara. What is so cool about the swakara is the fine texture, the lifelines and the shine of the fur. It provides great opportunities for extravagant styles and extravagant styling.

As it is with over the edge kind of items, you want to be careful when styling these. It works great with leather pants (as the model is styled), and in general a plain, minimalistic styling. However, one may also be able to rock this with just the right suit and tie.


That’s a wrap for this time – Stay tuned for more! 😉

Portrait De L’HOMME



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