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Be A Little Bolder


Be A Little Bolder

Hey guys, how are you all doing?

Okay so today’s topic is boldness, or rather the lack of it. Even though the amount of metrosexual men out there is drastically increasing (and no it’s not a bad thing), then it seems like way too many play it safe. Many of these guys wants to be trendy and fashionable, but too few actually seems to embrace it and dig deeper. It’s like it’s the same ripped jeans, common projects sneakers and adidas t-shirt kinda look everywhere (nothing wrong with the look in it self though). There may be deviations to the look, but often so incremental that you wouldn’t notice the difference. It’s not just this exact look, it’s a general observation of mine, that it is too easy to group people stylewise.

To me this is where fashion stops being fashion, as I believe it has become more of a band wagon tendency. The reason is that fashion, at least in my opinion, is the ability to express individuality and persona through your appearance – and that individuality seems to be very long gone. I believe in a strong individual. I’m a rather liberal person in general, so I don’t believe that every man outthere wearing the same synchronised uniform actually feels the same way. A little less, that he has the need to express it in the same way. Even though a lot claim to be into fashion and style (which is two very different things), it concerns me that there is so little who actually thinks for them selves.

I’ve studied a bit of neuromarketing, and one of the main outtakes is that repetition causes likelihood, meaning that the more times we see an object, the more intrigued are we actually to like this object. So, while the previously meantioned look keeps on dominating the social media, the more people are likely to want this kind of look. But this is where I think we need to take a stand! Think for yourself! Consider who you are, and how you want to come across! Be bold and embrace that there are tons of cool menswear collections out there! Why would you want to dress just like the guy sitting next to you?

I know that especially here in Denmark there is a culture of not sticking out too much – in fact, try not at all. But should we all be considered to be so much alike? I don’t think so. Lets start a change. Allow yourself the freedom to choose your own styling, instead of following the norm or what you believe is considered the safe choice. Because you can easily go beyond the safe choice, and people will notice. But not in a bad way. In a way that might inspire. And if you don’t feel up for this change in the blink of an eye, then start with the smaller things. Say, add a pocket square? Or swap the sneakers for loafers, or boots, or whatever fits with your personality – because you can! And if your friends or colleagues disapprove of you because of that, then I’m sorry to say, but then they aren’t good friends or colleagues of yours.

I hope that I have encouraged you to be a little bolder, and embrace your individuality!

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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Be A Little Bolder Be A Little Bolder Be A Little Bolder Be A Little Bolder





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