Beautiful Copenhagen – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Beautiful Copenhagen

Beautiful Copenhagen

Beautiful Copenhagen

Beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen. Well, this post could just as easy be called Beautiful Anywhere. Way too often do I catch my self not even noticing whats around me. Noticing how the city looks around me, and how much beauty and history that surrounds our everyday life. I usually tell my self that it’s important to answer this mail right away, or important that I post on instagram just now. Denying myself the opportunity of embracing the beauty around me. I am not all of a sudden anti So-Me, on the contrary. I’m just surprised by how much that is actually surrounding us and urging you to spend a moment to take a deep breath and look up and feel the joy, feel the life, and feel the stories that your city holds. Forget the stress for a moment. It’s a beautiful world that we live in.

This post contains just a snippet of the wonderful architecture of beautiful Copenhagen and a look that has typical references to how people dress in Copenhagen. And that is just plain black. Black jeans, black leather jacket, black tee and black boots. This ain’t photos of all the sights in beautiful Copenhagen. Monument may be grand, they be beautiful, but they are not what creates the everyday stories. I find when i travel around cities that i for most parts rather want to walk between the sights then take the subway. This way you’ll find all the small beautiful wonders. A 1800th century distressed building with original doors, a small local fountain where the natives sit and lunch, or a old hotel where Napoleon Bonaparte used to stay.

About the outfit

As mentioned this outfit all black, doh, you’ve probably noticed already. I mentioned dressing the part of a native from Copenhagen. Further I focused on the use of leather. Every piece, except the Tee, contains leather. I have a sincere passion for leather. I love the material, the smell, and how it will mould to fit just perfectly! No need to say that I wear some sort of dress shoes most days just for the leather feel!

Jacket – H&M x Balmain
Tee – Carnet De Vol
Jeans – Tiger of Sweden
Boots – Clarks

Stay Sharp!

Portrait De L’HOMME

Beautiful Copenhagen Beautiful Copenhagen Beautiful Copenhagen Beautiful Copenhagen

Beautiful Copenhagen
Beautiful Copenhagen Beautiful Copenhagen


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