The Most Beautiful Little City Pézenas – Portrait De L'HOMME
I Had Never Thought This Of Myself...

The Most Beautiful Little City Pézenas


Hey there! You’ve read the last post? No? Well read it here then. 😉 Well what’s so special about that post? Well nothing much except one of my favourite outfits and a location was so outstanding, that I just had to share just that with you.

So, recently I visited the most beautiful little city in France. It’s called Pézenas and are located about 40 km west of Montpellier in southern France. A beautiful little city full of steep crooked passages with pastel shutters on the windows. The perfect place for a afternoon stroll and to enjoy an ice cream (or two!). Start the visit with lunch in one of the many small restaurants. Afterwards stroll around, and make sure to visit the small local stores. Whether you are searching for freshly marinated garlics (Yumm!) or hand painted faience. Fun fact (or incredible boring – you decide!), the faience will always carry a symbol of area of origin. The particular faience from the Montpellier area carries a mosquito.

After walking around the crooked streets for a while, go to the corner of Rue des Orfévres and Rue Chevaliers Saint-Jean. Here you’ll find the most fantastic ice cream store. It’s smoth as silk and taste as a piece of heaven.

Pezénas is definitely worth a visit.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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