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Become Well Dressed In 4 Small Steps

Hey guys,

So here is a short guide on how I would build up an outfit. I may put more consideration into it, but I think following this would make you well dressed any day.

1) Build a Foundation
Okay, so this is the basic part. You need to consider where you are going, business meeting, birthday party or just a casual day at the office. For this outfit it was the latter. I usually take a lot of pictures at work, which requires some level of mobility, which is why I rarely wear suits to work. But never underestimate the power a pair of fancy trousers and a tucked in tee.

get dressed

2) Shoes
Now this part is not to be forgotten. I often find that, in particular men, neglect this part. The shoes says a lot about who you are as a person, and whether you care for the detail or not. The thing about the shoes is that it completes an outfit – however, if the shoes somehow do not fit with the outfit, it will devaluate the entire appearance! And this is why this step is so crucial.
Personally I went with a pair of minimalists sneakers to fit with the sporty vibe that the t-shirt added. In this way the shoes makes the look coherent.

blue kicks

3) Layers
Once you’ve covered the basics and the footwear, move on to the layering. As it’s fall (and feels like winter!) I feel very strongly for the overcoats. If you haven’t figured by now, then it is definitely one of my all time favourite menswear pieces! The reason that it works so well with this look is that an overcoat is very simplistic. It thus complements the rest of the look. Had I for example gone with a peacoat then the entire appearance would just have been confusing. Why? Because the visual representation of a peacoat is just more complex, which argues against the minimalistic vibe.

get dressed

4) Accessories & Add Ons
Okay so the fourth and final step is Accessories & Add ons which includes belts, bracelets, gloves, scarfs, bags etc. A common misconception is that they have to match. I’d like to point out that this is not true, they have to complement each other – which is something entirely different. For example pairing brown shoes with a navy belt works well, while pairing brown shoes with a purple belt is hard to pull off. But then again, it comes down to the rest of the outfit. If you however do want to play it safe, then you can go with a rule of thumb saying “match your leathers”. If you take a look at my outfit, then you’ll notice that the belt, gloves and messenger bags are all black. Only the shoes deviate from the previous statement (except that they are not leather).


Okay, so that’s one of the ways to get dressed well safely. This method was based on having a foundation that you then build upon. Another method could be having one piece that you center the outfit around – but that will have to be another time…

I’d like to hear if you have any other approaches?

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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