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It Has Been 1 Year Today!

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Hey you all! 😀

It has officially been 1 year of blogging. I launched the site Portrait De L’HOMME the 1st of august 2015, and as the calendar tells me, that is exactly 1 year ago today. It has been a crazy journey already for me as a person, and I really feel that the posts keep getting better and better. I have this naive idea that I should always strive towards making the next post the best one I’ve ever written – even though it may not be so, it serves as a great motivator for me. It’s sort of a competition with myself where I’m both the winner and looser – however striving to be better is a thing we all can relate to. It’s a thing that really helps us grow as a person.

I started Portrait De L’HOMME as an independent blog where I managed everything myself. A few months ago I however decided to migrate to Bloggers Delight. The reason was that I had a wish to become part of a community. Of course the community came with all the adds (sorry), but this was the way for me to become part of something bigger.

Further I’m incredible grateful for the support that not only friends, family and my rock solid pillar Astrid shows me, but also for everyone who enters the blog and spend a little time scrolling through all my little stories. I’m thankful that you’d spend your precious time on reading and watching something that I’ve put together for you.

In this coming week I will share a few untraditionally posts with you. Instead of being just me who talks styletips or whatever I’ll let you in on a little behind the scenes journey. I’ll be discussing areas such as how and why I began, the best post (in my opinion), my icons and something like that. So with this being the first in this line of posts I thought I’d begin at the beginning.

Why and how I started Portrait De L’HOMME.

It all started a few months before actually launching Portrait De L’HOMME. I think around april 2015 my eyes opened in terms of Instagram. I became aware of the ability to create your own visual universe, so I began taking pictures of eg. my shoes and my coffee. A few outfit grids snook in once in a while. It became somewhat of game to me – you know, it’s actually quite fun. 😉 Nonetheless, during a vacation – where I spend an extraordinary amount of time on the ‘gram – I came across several succesfull blogs and thought to my self “I can do that too”. As I was facing a 12 hour drive to get from France to the little kingdom of Denmark I saw no better opportunity than to start the blog. It gave me 12 hours to purchase hosting service and setting up the design. Of course it took a lot longer than 12 hours to come up with a product that I was satisfied with, but it had me starting. The current design provided by Bloggers Delight only contains fragments of the original design though – the header for example.

So you see, nothing more than a naive I can do that feeling that got me started. Maybe thats a trait of mine, being naive and thus not holding back. Maybe it’s my weakness that I thus don’t think things through? All I know is that it is what has got me this far.

Further, it has taken some practice to get the level of the content just right, but as they say practice makes perfect. Although I won’t exactly describe my content as perfect, I will say that it has become a lot better than the first posts that I did.

Here is a little snippet of my very first post:

“It wont take more than an glimpse of an eye at a public place to notice this trend. Whether it is a floral Hawaii shirt, print on a tee or in the case of this post printed on the pants. I can honestly say that I’m hopelessly in love with these printed Sand Copenhagen SS15 pants. However when matching a printed ‘wild’ pair of pants it either calls for delicate refinement or simplicity. I tend to rely on simplicity, as this gives me headroom for accessories”

Read the rest here.


I hope that you’ll keep coming back for the next coming anniversary posts.

Best regards

Portrait De L’HOMME


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