Best advice on wearing a car coat

Best advice on wearing a car coat

Looking across various streetstyle galleries it becomes evident that tanned macs, trenchcoats and car coats is more than ever a must have piece in your wardrobe. No question that Burberry’s increased popularity the later years have influenced this! Burberry’s flagship product – the trench coat – have for a long time been considered a stable in the menswear wardrobe. However, it’s distant relative, the car coat, is also having a revival. Most likely because their aesthetics are somewhat similar. In this small editorial I’m wearing a car coat (characteristics are the straight collar, singleraded buttons and slight A cut). Nonetheless, there are so many ways to style such a coat, no matter if you’re into a deconstructed version from the Gosha x Burberry collaboration, or this minimalistic piece from Minimum. So here is my best advice on wearing a car coat.

best advice on wearing a car coat best advice on wearing a car coat

One thing that I like to keep in mind when doing a styling centred around a single piece is the stereotypical way of styling that very piece. In doing this it allows you to take two directions, go-with-flow, in terms of a traditional styling, or aim for stylistic contrasts. As the word sort of implies, a car coat was designed to keep you warm from the wind of open cars, insinuating some degree of luxury. Though needing a warm coat for a car ride may not mean luxury today, on the contrary. However, this would imply that a car coat belongs in the very traditional conservative menswear wardrobe. However, current fashions allows you to play much more around with the piece. So this is exactly what I’ve done.


I styled the traditional car coat with a sweatshirt, technical joggers and some sturdy boots. The sweatshirt and the joggers are pretty much as far away that you can get from the classic wardrobe (without getting into avantgarde). This creates a really cool contrast, which is emphasised by the actual contrasts between the tan and the black. However, it’s important that you still maintain some degree of consistency in the styling. As you see, all pieces but the jacket is actually black, which creates sort of a canvas for the jacket.

best advice on wearing a car coatbest advice on wearing a car coatbest advice on wearing a car coat

Additionally I like to roll up the sleeves a little, so that it becomes more of a layering that actual outerwear. This works best if you wear something long-sleeved underneath, like a sweatshirt, hoodie, knit, long tee. The essence is that the layer beneath shows and adds another dimension. What it does is that somehow it reminds you a little of a painter’s smock. Artistic, yet refined.

Do you have any advice on wearing a car coat? Let me know in the comment section below.


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