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5 Best Dressed Men At The Oscars 2017

Best Dressed Men At The Oscars 2017

Last night was the 89th Academy Award show hosted (better known as the Oscars) at the Dolby Theatre downtown L.A. Each year, this one night is probably the one, where the most designer-dresses and expensive suits are gathered in the same room. And even though the dresses without a doubt steals the show, then some pretty fine chaps shows up looking sharper than most of us could even dream off.

The following gents below schools us in how to do red carpet style. Here is – in my opinion – the 5 best dressed men at the oscars 2017.

John Legend

With a smile brighter than the lenses trying to capture it, mr. Legend showed us that sharp edges did do well on the red carpet. Here referring to the dipping bow-tie and the peak lapels. The bow-tie is a tricky piece. It easily either look cheap or clown alike. However, John Legend pulled off a big dipping bow-tie in a manner that no-one could ever question. He looked splendid in his Gucci suit and bow-tie.

best dressed men at the oscars 2017

Ryan Gosling

Gosling steals the show no matter where he goes. With a sharp jawline, a pretty face and lean yet muscular body then anything looks good on him. But he did show up wearing something out of the ordinary! With a keen eye for Gucci, Gosling showed up wearing nothing but. The shawl collar suit was perfectly fitted, but not extravagant in it-self. However, the evening shirt that he wore beneath was! He definitely dressed worthy of an oscar (and delivered worthy performance in La La Land). I must admit that Mr. Gosling was my personal highlight at the red carpet.

best dressed men at the oscars 2017

Andrew Garfield

Now guys, this is how you do black tie! With an approach similar to the one of John Legend did Andrew Garfield nail the red carpet last night. What you want to pay attention to with Andrew Garfield’s look is the very subtle, but yet super elegant details. Pay closely attention to the ribbon detail around the cuffs, and how well it plays together with the ribbon detail on the patent leather loafers. Yes! PATENT LEATHER LOAFERS! Well done Monsieur Garfield.

best dressed men at the oscars 2017

Josh Dallas

To mix colors that are almost similar can become a real hassle. Mr Dallas challenged the conventional by wearing a dark brown velvet dinner jacket with black lapels – obviously worn with black trousers and shoes, a tuxedo shirt and bow-tie. To spice things up Dallas added a pocket square and a lapel pin. Though the pin draws attention, I personally thinks it becomes a tad too much. I do however want to give him credit for the mixing of black and browns.

best dressed men at the oscars 2017

Pharell Williams

When it comes to fashion spectacle mr Williams is king – just have a look! This is a level that very few, if any can follow along. Obviously he wore nothing but Chanel. So many of Karl Lagerfeld’s signatures gathered on mr Williams for one big culmination of a fashion statement. As a saying goes; fashion first.

best dressed men at the oscars 2017

Do you agree with this top 5 of the best dressed men at the oscars 2017?

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