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Birthday Wishlist

So my Birthday is coming up soon. In one week to be precise. So on that account is here a little personal Birthday Wishlist. And wish might just be the right word. It mainly consists of pieces that I would buy for myself, if my bank account magically was overflooded with $$‘s all of a sudden. Unfortunately, it won’t be.



1. Maison Kitsune Jumper here // 2. Prada sporty laceup here // 3. Balmain double breasted coat here // 4.  Valentino sneakers (AFFILIATE) here // 5. Gucci T-shirt (AFFILIATE) here // 6. Loewe shirt here // 7. Prada fur loafers here // 8. Gucci angry cat tote bag here // 9. Gucci vegas boots (AFFILIATE) here // 10. Prada fur bag here



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