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Black Summer


It is almost by law that the brighter and more vivid colors are assigned to the summer collections. Probably to match colors that we find in nature and our surroundings. Had international fashion had their own legislation, than this would probably have a decree of their own. A decree that is likely to be deemed as important as design rights and copyright (we can take these topics another time).

But, but, but black is just so damn comfortable and convenient. Also in the summer! Why? Because it easily pairs up with anything, hiding away whatever you may want to hide, while remaining somewhat elegant. This means that whether you want to mix something up, hide away something (we all have something) or just want to class up a bit, then black is just a convenient go-to.

May seem like a bit of girl talk? But guys you’re not very different.

Sometimes a black summer day is all you need.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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