Are black with brown so bad together?


The ancient rules of fashion have it that pairing black with brown is a big no-go. You see that many men avoid this, not because they know why, but mainly because their girlfriends or wives told them – and they’re women so they should know. Right? Not blaming anyone, we’ve heard that so many times. But it can be done. Here is my two advice to do it; shades and consistency.

The first of the two, is the shade of the brown. Though there are several shades of black, then we’re gonna leave that untouched, assuming that all black will work out. When it comes to brown there is a whole wide range that could be considered ‘brown’. From a tan to a deep chestnut. My advice to you, if you want to combine black with brown then go for a lighter shade of brown. It creates a slight contrast between the brown and the black. However, if you like in my case want to wear it with white (jeans), then you shouldn’t wear a too bright shade of brown, as white and tan also should be carried out delicately.

Second is consistency. Wearing more than one piece of black and brown will increases the consistency. This makes it look thought through and not just random. You should always be very careful placing only 1 piece of either of these colors together with several of the other. In this case you see the black t-shirt combined with the black watch, bead bracelet and the shoes. The shoes that actually are black with brown. For brown you see obviously the shoes that has the brown section, next is the brown belt, leather bracelet and then sunglasses. Which means that the brown are mainly kept for the smaller pieces. This means that it breaks up an otherwise colorless outfit, and making it more dynamic to look at.

Hope it was somewhat helpful! Are you going to wear black with brown any time soon?

Best Regards

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