Black with shades of brown – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Black with shades of brown

Black with shades of brown

Black With Shades of Brown

Once upon a time, there was a particular set of dressing options. And even though I like to accommodate these certain rules from time to time (we all do it more often than we’d like to think) then I have to say, that they are outdated to some extend. For example, you are not to mix navy blue with black – a combination that in my opinion is so great that it is a shame for history it self, that it has been denied this option. And I don’t think any of you would disagree with that? And yeah, I know I’m gettin’ a little over dramatic about it, but I’m really psyched about it.. 😉 But that is not what this is about. In this case we swap the navy blue for brown, and shades of brown, which leads to the title black with shades of brown.

This is not to say, that I’m all against the old school dress formalities. How ever, they are meant as guide for how not to stray out, but when never straying out just a little you won’t allow your self to be the unique human being that are you. When bending formalities for own preferences you allow yourself to take that very step, forming your visual appearance as a product of your own identity. No matter wether you are the reflecting kind of guy or the more flamboyant one.

As I mentioned, there are certain rules, and fortunately we live in a world where we are allowed to deviate from earlier formalities. Think about innovation. The ability to question the way things were in order to achieve a greater potential. We are in constant motion, and we are not only to adapt to that, we are to encourage it. Black and brown were earlier not seen as fit as they where from so different color schemes. There are many colors that are complementing both of them, but they were never considered companions. For one, I’d like to think that the reason that black and brown works together today, is that we’re drawn to contrasts. Much like a cubistic painting, the transitions are rough and very clear. But this way of combining the solitary black with the much more welcoming shades of brown is also a symbol of diversity and a will to innovate.

What I think works really great with this exact outfit is that it combines classic elements like the black Sand Copenhagen wool coat, a black Hugo Boss business bag and a pair of black Lloyd derbies, with a pair of Zara brown/black geometric patterned trousers and a lively organic cotton scarf from Lètol. Once again the organic cotton scarf participate in the forward thinking aspect of the outfit, where as the geometric patterns adds a very modern edge. All in all, I think this worked great as a modern black with shades of brown outfit.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Gloves – Hugo Boss
Tee – H&M

Black with shades of brown Black with shades of brown Black with shades of brown

Thank you for reading – till next time!

Portrait De L’HOMME


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