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I know I don’t post as frequently as I wish to do, but illness, school, work and laundry all seem to be eating my time. Well maybe not so much laundry, but it feels like forever when doing it. 😉  I finally took the time (while my fever is paralyzed from paracetamol) to finish this post, and it’s all about great news and one crisp outfit!

Well the great news first! I just recently signed a contract with the biggest Danish blogging portal called Bloggers Delight. I’m to participate in their Premium Bloggers program, and have found my way to their Male category. In that matter this very site, Portrait De L’HOMME, will come to experience a little makeover. I’m very exited for the changes about to come and look forward to coming collaborations!

Well enough about Bloggers Delight, now that outfit… 😉

The inspiration for this outfit you say? Well it was sort of a mix of my deep roots in the rock n’ roll scene mixed with a passion for crisp high end fashion designs. One gotta love rockin’ out some Bon Jovi while watching the newest Neil Barrett show. On the matter of rock musicians and high end fashion, one would only have to look for Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) who very recently wore a off-the-runway Saint Laurent palm-tree bomber at a concert. The leather pants has the great connotations of the 80’s heavy glam rock scene, though it is still relevant today as seen with the more extravagant fashion houses, eg. Parisian couture house Balmain.

The shirt. What’s not to love about it? I had seen it in store for a while at work, while still being a bit out of price range – still attending my BA degree. But it hit the sale, and then one better be quick. I love that micro collar, it really allows the zipper beneath to speak for it self. Thus making it a statement piece on it’s own. I’d gladly rock this shirt with a suit for a night out.

So if you were to replicate this outfit, there are a few things to keep in mind.

An obvious keyword for this outfit is the black and white contrasts! It’s clearly stated through the white sneaks and the white shirt. Tucking the shirt in creates a horizontal line which even exaggerates this contrasts. Keep that in mind when considering tucking the shirt in – unless you want to wear a tie, in this case you should definitely tuck it in.

 By using a crisp white shirt you avoid any distractions and making the contrast more out there. This means, if you’d want to replicate this outfit you should avoid shirts with prints or patterns, as they’d ‘mellow out’ the contrast, even despite being a white shirt with print. But even though it’s just a white shirt doesn’t mean that there ain’t any room for details. For example, this Neil Barrett shirt works great with zipper detail by the collar, first of all because it’s very subtle, and it’s very far from the contrasting areas, and last but not least, it contributes in the rock and roll connotations that are sought with this look.

I know that leather pants may be everyones favourite, and is definitely not a perfect match for everyone. Of course they play a big part with this outfit, but they should be able to substitute with a pair pitch black coated jeans. This should do the job, and making the outfit a little more attainable. However, be aware that some of that rock star feel may disappear with the leather pants absent. Then there is the economic aspect – leather pants are expensive. Not doubt about that. It is as many other great things in life a matter of investment. You may pay up now, but they sure last for long.

The last thing I’d like to mention is the choice of shoes. Of course they are white, what else? 😉 No honestly, it’s all about making the statement coherent, which means that the shoes will have to work along with it. The shoes are, in my opinion, what makes an outfit perfect. To often, do I feel that people, espiecially men, neglect this point. What the white sneakers does to this outfit are dualistic. First, it adds to the contrast. Keep that in mind when trying to work out an outfit ‘ shoes can help you make that contrast statement you want to make. And second, they allow me to make this a more modern outfit. Imagine a pair of combat boots with this outfit (or cowboy boots) I’d be straight out of the early 80’s glam rock scene. And that?s not really what we would want. We’d like to be inspired, and not just replicate that 80’s hard rock look.

Shirt – Neil BarrettShop Similar
Pants – Second Hand – Shop Similar or Shop Similar
Belt – Polo Ralph LaurenShop Similar
Shoes – Adidas Stan SmithShop Similar

Well I hope you enjoyed it! See you on Bloggers Delight!


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Bloggers Delight Bloggers Delight Bloggers Delight Bloggers Delight


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