Blue Collar Look In A Mellow Yellow

Workwear is something that on continuously keeps reoccurring on the fashion scene in one shape or another. Be it a double denim blue collar look or a tribute to the NYC fire department (see Raf for Calvin Klein). Generally, not much is actually needed to make this connection between fashion and workwear. Mainly because the original version of a lot of the fashionable pieces we see today was developed for practical (work) purposes. However, today they are more or less transformed to fit a non utilitarian design oriented consumer market. But that doesn’t mean that the pieces is not relevant, its just another relevancy. In stead of focusing on utilitarian needs, then we’re fortunate enough to allow ourself to focus on aesthetics and expressions.


Nonetheless, I recently received this (very mellow) burned yellow denim two piece from Weekday. Organic denim to be precise… It was an instant yes-please look, a real eye catcher! I have numerous denim jackets in my closest, and it’s something that I actually wear quite often (eg. HERE)! So this shade that was so different from what was already in my closet was very appealing!


The jacket is what they call a straight fit, but it fits quite boxy on me. Whether it’s the size (wearing a M, usually I’m a S) or just my baby hips that make it look loose is not to say. Both very valid options. The jacket is accompanied by a pair of straight fit cropped jeans. The fact that its a two piece really makes the outfit super consistent, but maybe also a little harder to pull off. I’ve previously on the blog worn just the jacket (find blogpost HERE) where it seems more muted. Further, the fact that they are this cropped really allow me show off my favourite boots (shop the boots HERE) or whatever footwear I’m wearing. I wore this mellow two piece with a yellow/navy striped shirt from Les Deux, my Gucci double G belt and a cap that contribute to the workwear esque attitude of this blue collar look.


So if you’re in Copenhagen and spot someone walking around looking like a super sized Minion then feel free to tap my shoulder.

Shop this Blue Collar Look: Weekday Denim Jacket HERE / Weekday Jeans HERE / Les Deux Shirt HERE / Gucci Belt HERE / Lædersmeden x Jean//Phillip boots HERE


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