Blue hues and a sunset – Portrait De L'HOMME
Could you pull off this style move?

Blue hues and a sunset


I’ve recently talked about matching print with patterns – mainly as it is something  I find myself doing more frequently than before. In this case it was a pair of floral printed trousers, which I usually use with a white t-shirt. However this time it was combined with a striped knit and white sneaks. The reason that I think it works so well, is that both the pants and the stripes in the knit are navy. This creates some coherence between the pieces. When it comes to shoes, the white kicks simply completes the coherency.

And then I was totally color coordinated with Astrid #TackyCouplesGoal…. (?) I promise it was a coincidence!

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Portrait De L’HOMME

blue-hues-4 blue-hues-2 blue-hues-7 blue-hues-3 blue-hues-6

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Could you pull off this style move?