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Growing up with a home studio and a dad who was passionate about sound quality definitely had an impact on how I perceive music. To me quality is key, and music production is a craft! It’s simply a shame that artists and producers spends countless hours creating the perfect mix for their tunes, but once they’re played through a cheap headset all of that work goes to waste. I’ll admit that I have my fair share of cheap headsets, but they’re mainly used for working out – and if I really can’t find any of my primaries (I’m such a messy person 😉😉).

So I was happy when B&O Play reached out to me to test their new wireless E8 earbuds. I know that B&O Play really works to get the sound quality just right, so I was looking forward to try them out. Here is what I found from trying out the B&O Play E8.

First and foremost, the sound quality is really, really good!

At first I thought that I would be annoyed by having to pair up with their app, but I really am not due to the convenient adjustability of the equalizer and transcendence in the app.

It’s easy to turn up and down the volume by simply placing your finger on the earbud (right is up, left is down).

Transcendence feature is insanely functional! I spend a lot of time biking back and forth in Copenhagen among many other cyclists, busses and cars. Occasionally in the tight traffic you really need your senses to be focused on the traffic itself. A quick tap on the left earbud enables the transcendence feature. This importance of this feature is further amplified (😉😂) by the fact that good sound quality really encourage turning up the volume when listening to a good banger!

The only thing is that they might seem a little clumsy in a certain angle, but to me that is totally outweighed by the quality and the features.

B&O Play E8 audio-on-the-go-3 B&O Play E8 B&O Play E8 B&O Play E8 B&O Play E8

See more about the new B&O Play E8 wireless earbuds HERE

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