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The bohemian lifestyle is no longer solely reserved for the artists who perform art for art’s sake. It’s not just for the not yet discovered author, the experimental dancer or Toulouse Lautrec. In general, the bohemian lifestyle has been defined by the ideas of spontaneity, improvisation, sporadic employment, hand to mouth living while just trying just to enjoy life from day to day. ‘Work’ in the eyes of the bohemian should not be considered a mean to pay the bills, but a way to attain self-fulfilment. These ideas of a work atmosphere have become adapted also in non-artistic industries. Which means that the common bourgeois to some extent has attained the ideas of the bohemian lifestyle. Especially in the creative and knowledge-based industries does this seem to be true. *

While our approach to work is shifting more and more towards the principles of a bohemian lifestyle, why not just take it up a notch and embrace a wardrobe inspired by the bohemians? Here is how you do it: A scarf adds a colourful artistic twist to your outfit, while the striped jumper has a direct reference to Picasso. Wear cropped trousers to show that you care about what you are wearing and are bold enough to show it. Lastly, wear sturdy well-crafted derbies to show that craftsmanship is important to you. This will indicate that you are thorough with whatever you do, as any artist would be with his or hers work.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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Portrait De L’HOMME

A destination where personality and a sense of fashion bond over a negroni. Often, but not always, centered around a specific individual’s journey of style and taste. All to remind that paying a bit of respect to your appearance pays off in regards to your confidence and how your surrounding environment perceives you.

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