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Something New, Yet Familiar!

Bomber up!

Bomber up

Hey guys (and gals who want to influence your boyfriends)!

Today’s topic is the bomber jacket. An item that has been very popular the last few years – and it is definitely here to stay! Usually when thinking of a bomber jacket you’d associate it with some cool streetwear, but what if you could incorporate in a more classic wardrobe? Well you can! I think it’s a very  cool alternative to  for example a blazer. This dresses the entire look very much down, and makes it very casual, even if you’re wearing a tie. If you want to make sure that you maintain some level of dapperness, then add a waistcoat for that closed up feel. This also allows you to leave the bomber jacket open and thus add a bit of a effortless vibe.

Style tip: Wear a bomber jacket that fits snug. You DO NOT want to wear your oversized streetwear bomber for this look! It will simply become a stylistic mess.

So C’mon guys – it’s time to bomber up!


Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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