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Boxy fit plus Parisian vibes

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Working a boxy fit or oversized pieces is something that I’ve always found quite hard. I’m barely 180cm tall and have a rather slim build, so pieces that are just barely oversized quickly end up looking like I’ve payed my dad’s wardrobe a visit (well, figuratively speaking, my own dad is 165cm 😉 ). However, recently I received this yellow denim jacket from Weekday and guess what? The jacket has a quite boxy fit in the oversized kinda manner, and actually looks quite good on me. Notice that it is actually quite fitted on the shoulder, but quite wide around the waist (they claim it’s a straight fit…). I would like to point out that I’m wearing a medium, while I usually would wear a small.

Nonetheless, often I have a vision for an outfit, but other times coincidences reveal either trash or treasure outfits. In this case the vision was a quite boxy fit Parisian outfit with wide long trousers, cozy layers and a beret. But I felt like I was missing a top piece. I set my eyes on different jackets in the closet, and just for fun tried out this denim jacket. To my surprise, it worked as the perfect top layer for what in my opinion is a treasure outfit. So in conclusion, my advice is: Try out unexpected combinations, you may discover your new go-to outfit.

Would you wear a jacket like this? Scroll down below where you can click home this exact piece and a similar outfit.

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Denim Jacket – WEEKDAY  // Shirt  – Similar // Jumper – Minimum // Trousers – Similar // AMI Sneakers – Similar // Beret – Similar or Similar // Notebook – Similar  // Sunglasses Komono


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