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Bring your a-game

Hello each and everyone 😀
The other day I had the opportunity to get out of the office to snap a few pictures of a customer’s fur coat. However, when meeting with a customer, especially in their home, you will have to bring your A-Game, at least stylewise. I decided on a pitch black look where only the vest, tie and bracelets deviated. What I think is so great about this outfit is the versatility of it. I guess it’s the power of black.. 😉 It’s a great look whether it’s for a night out with the guys or at the office – if your office allows such styling. It’s dressed up, but definitely not like a suit. Personally, this kind of styling is one of my most often go-to stylings.

Another thing about the outfit is the rolled-up sleeves. It does two things, 1) it makes the outfit a tad more casual and 2) it adds a bit of freedom of movement. The latter is the main reason for my choice. During the day I tend roll up or pull the sleeves on many of the outfits that I wear. Whether it is a jumper, shirt or even sometimes a blazer. It adds just a sense of freedom. However, you should be conscious about how & when you do it, because it does not work with each and every outfit. Nor with any occasion.



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Bring your a-game Bring your a-game BW with a vest-5 Bring your a-game


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