Burberry February 2017 Show review – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Burberry February 2017 Show review

Burberry February 2017 Show review

Burberry has over the last decade placed themselves at the very top of the fashion industry. Especially their prominent see-now-buy-now approach really seems to shake up the entire industry, as well as challenge especially their smaller competitors. Nonetheless, the Burberry February 2017 show (not AW17, as they sell immediately after the show) delivered many strong artistic pieces in a very toned down color palette.

The primary keywords for the collection were artistic, deconstruction, fragmentation, knit, heritage and evening shirts where the french cuff were unrolled so that the sleeves seemed excessively long.

The entire collection seemed in my eyes to bear several references to both Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. This was even though that the collection was said to be inspired by Henry Moore’s semi-abstract sculptures. The entire way that the pieces was deconstructed, played around with shapes and  proportions was very much in touch with all three iconic artists. Further seemed the horizontally striped tee to be a direct reference Picasso?

The entire art approach was very well complemented by a huge dark gallery alike room filled with what must be assumed to be Henry Moore sculptures.

The show music was performed by Anna Calvin with her band and members of the Heritage Orchestra and Choir. The music in it self is always something to look forward to when it comes to Burberry shows! The british brand have a tradition of some serious live music having had artists like James Bay, Rhodes, Tom Odell and Benjamin Clementine playing. On that account delivered Anna Calvin and the rest of the ensemble a very solid performance that fit very well with the rest of deconstructed collection.

I think this is so far my favourite of Christopher Bailey’s collections for Burberry!

My Favourite Menswear Looks

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My Favourite Womenswear Looks

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Watch the show and find out more about the collection HERE.

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