Calvin Klein 205W39NYC SS19 Takes Graduates Shark diving – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Calvin Klein 205W39NYC SS19 Takes Graduates Shark diving

With New York Fashion Week going on across the atlantic (from where I am sitting), most of the NY fashion celebs and street style photographers are bombarding my Instagram newsfeed. While some of the content posted may be slightly repetitive (watching the same events over and over again) other really catches my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see this content, but it’s like watching a cat video. Usually 3 or 4 times is just enough. Nonetheless, one happening that every fashionista was looking forward to was the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC SS19 show. With design icon Raf Simons at the helm, you know that you’re up for something spectacular. Indeed it was, with a theme of nothing less than JAWS. Yes, the movie JAWS.

Raf Simon explained in a press release that the landscape of America inspires Calvin Klein, both literal and psychological. Further, it is addressed that “A journey through America leads, inevitably, to the edge of the landscape: the beach. At the beach there is this incredible idea of beauty, but also a tension—between land and ocean, a feeling of two worlds meeting, maybe colliding. There’s a sense of the unexpected—and always, a temptation.” So where as Raf previously made us fall madly in love with western vibes, the time may come for us to turn into surfers who wet-suit-up. Would you do that?

This kinda remind you of the scuba-cool that Alexander Wang proclaims. Which peaked almost 4 ago with the hyped H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration. Is it already time for a reboot? I don’t know. I do however, know that I really love the oversized blazers – and I do think the blazers looks really sick accompanied by those leathery wetsuit pants!  

If we’re to believe Raf, the next boot we should implement in our fashionable wardrobe, is a very pointy leather boot in high shine. Almost reminds you of the Balenciaga Knife Boots (women’s boot, but have a look here). Evenmore, looking at the bags, there is a very cool chain effect. But wait, haven’t this been seen before? Oh, yes. At the Louis Vuitton SS19 show with Virgil Abloh as creative director only a few months ago. I’m not gonna accuse Simons of plagiarism because the design has probably been long underway, but the idea is really damn similar – even though the shapes of bags are different.  Another thing worth noting about the bags are the fact that the leather is constructed to look somewhat like fish scales, perfectly suiting the jaws theme.

Lastly, JAWS was not the only movie that was payed homage to. Also the classic The Graduate was an inspiration. A movie that is among Raf’s favourites. In this show it was expressed through for example graduation robes and hats.

Overall I really liked the concept of the show – which was very thought through – and filled with stylish gems. I might however, have a harder time imagining a lot of the pieces off the runway. But then again, this is about the show – you must never forget that. Personally, I may feel like updating my wardrobe to be more scuba like. But lets see for how long that notion continues.



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