Camu Camu Concrete - Portrait De L'HOMME
A hedonistic open shirt look

Camu Camu Concrete


Usually you say that a certain distance should be kept when combining patterns. You don’t want to look like you’ve accidentally pulled on two pieces that does not at all go together. However the outfit that I was going for today is actually based on the socks. They are a pair of really cool Happy Socks made together with Pharell’s Billionaire Boys Club.  They are sort of made as athletic wear which gives them a super cool hip-hop vibe. So I popped on my favourite white trainers, and pulled up the socks as high as I possibly could.

I knew I wanted to wear shorts, but the denim shorts that I initially pulled out just seemed a bit tedious. So when I was looking through the drawers I noticed that these shorts from French IKKS just happened to be very close to same shade of camu. While the socks are a traditional camouflage, then the shorts are somewhat more of floral camouflage. But nonetheless, I tried it out, and I really think it worked out quite cool! Quite different from what I’d usually wear, but I think it worked out just as I planned!

Lesson to be learned: if the colors are similar enough, then you can play with the print.

camu-camu-concrete-1 camu-camu-concrete-2 camu-camu-concrete-5 camu-camu-concrete-3

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME



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A hedonistic open shirt look