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Can A Man Wear A Silk Scarf?


Okay, I’ll just get down to it real quick! Can a man wear a silk scarf? YES! – and I wouldn’t do it myself if I would believe otherwise. I will however admit that it is not for everyone, and it takes some confidence to pull off. But in general, I think that there are (atleast) two times where it works out well. And this is considering a regular size silk scarf and not neckerchiefs.

1) Spicing up a plain outfit. BUT beware of how you tie the scarf. Because you don’t want to seem like you’re playing ohh-so-fancy, but you DO want to seem like you just carelessly wrapped it around the neck. Just because you thought that it was a bit chilly… Aand make sure to hide the knot (this is harder then it seems with a silk scarf 😉 ).


2) When you wear a silk scarf with a suit. This is the more classic look, and brands like Eton really knows how to work this look. It provides a very rich and elegant look. What you want to do, is to chose a color that complements the suit, wrap the scarf flat (if it is a squared scarf) and then hang it around your neck between your dress shirt collar and your suit jacket. This looks super neat, especially when the jacket is closed!


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Okay so I know that some of these scarfs are technically women’s scarfs, BUT the women really gets the best ones in this area.

eton-2 hermes-2 tiger hermes-1 eton-1


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