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The uglier, chunkier and more expensive the better

Hey everybody! I apologise for the radio silence of late, but the last couple of months have been entirely dedicated to one thing only, and one thing only.. my master thesis. Fortunately that son of a gun is now handed in, and an oral defence is the only thing between...

Blue Collar Look In A Mellow Yellow

Workwear is something that on continuously keeps reoccurring on the fashion scene in one shape or another. Be it a double denim blue collar look or a tribute to the NYC fire department (see Raf for Calvin Klein). Generally, not much is actually needed to make this connection between fashion and workwear. Mainly...

Uniformed without wearing a suit

While wearing a suit is the closest that a civilian man gets to an official uniform, then it can often feel a little rigid. Of course it depends on your work environment, but if you’re in an setting where you have to move around during the day then it can become a real...

Boxy fit plus Parisian vibes

Working a boxy fit or oversized pieces is something that I’ve always found quite hard. I’m barely 180cm tall and have a rather slim build, so pieces that are just barely oversized quickly end up looking like I’ve payed my dad’s wardrobe a visit (well, figuratively speaking, my own dad...

Where to get style inspiration from

Lets talk a bit about style inspiration today. Scroll back back to pre-social media Magazines, TV and the people you see on the streets would most likely be the biggest sources of style inspiration. Then can social media. The inspiration (and influence) game changed. These platforms has enabled us to expand...
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