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Snow Patrol Look – Beret and Military references

Annonce for Wagner  I have this thing with shooting in the snow. At one hand it is so challenging and obviously very cold, but then at the other hand it is super damn fun because can really create some cool pictures. So with all the snow that has been going on in NYC...

Mød Fuld Effekt [in Danish]

Fuld Effekt, er det fedeste f…ing band på planeten, skulle ikke kunne sige ud i det uendelige. Sådan lyder det i hvert fald på bangeren ‘Ik Nogen Sjov’. Man er aldrig i tvivl om at humøret er højt når man er i selskab med Fuld Effekt, hvilket også smitter af...

I Fell In Love With The Perfect Bag

Hey everybody! How are you all? Men and bags is somewhat of an odd topic. It seems as most men prefer to be without a bag – and if a man is finally to carry one, then it will most likely be a business bag. You know… something manly. And I’m no different. I have...

Snow Patrol

Hey guys, Over the last couple of months have my interest for photography increased – and not only street style. 😉 So over the next couple of days will a few posts featuring some photos that I’ve shot myself. This series is called “Snow Patrol” and refers to the heavy snow...