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Mainly for the ladies, buuuut…


Chanel Métiers d’Art

Every year for the last 13 years, Chanel have hosted their annual Métiers d’Art, celebrating the craftmanship and expertise that this extraordinary fashion house provides. The show is hosted outside of the fashion schedule and the location varies every year. This years Métiers d’Art show took place in the newly re-opened Ritz in Paris, and was a clear tribute to the femme. With a breezy atmosphere, dancing and chatting on the runway the show was very delightful to look at. Obviously the show mainly focused on womenswear, but 4 male models showed up – one of them being no other than Monsieur Williams. And what they wore, I would most definitely like to wear!

Overall, shoulder pads seemed to be a frequent element to the re-interpretation of the many of the classic Chanel looks. This fit very well with the choice of music that set the mood for an entirely a very different decade (where shoulder pads was more common 😉 ). Personally I had the feeling of taking a step into a parallel universe. Into a universe where everything was light minded and cool. Not in the I try my hardest to be cool kinda manner, but in a naturally joyfully cool kinda way.

The color palette was rather subtle with a main focus on black, white, cream and gold. And man, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on one of those golden jackets. The heck I’d do anything for all of the 4 male jackets! In particular, these menswear jackets marks the continuation of the statement jacket trend that has been going on. So don’t be afraid to be bold with your outerwear!

Further, notice the footwear. According to Karl Lagerfeld (creative director at Chanel), then we guys are to wear white leather boots with our black/dark outfits. Seems like a continuation of the white sneaker trend that we’ve seen before? Well for one I’m not against it!

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