Christmas Eve – Portrait De L'HOMME
It's Christmas Again

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

I hope, now that both the 24th, 25th and 26th has passed, that everyone has had the time to hang around with family and the people closest to you. That you’ve all had delightful Christmas meals (which is a big deal here in Denmark!) and that you have all been granted a Christmas present or two.

Christmas eve was rather special this year. First, my girlfriend and I spend a few hours at her parents’ house exchanging a few gifts and like tradition watching the Disney holiday special. Afterwards we went to my grandma’s place where everyone basically had a little too much to eat – at least I did… After the dinner we went to exchanging presents (which is tradition to do in the evening in Denmark). Since my grandma has started to develop dementia and back issues (and that it was at her place) we decided to call it an early night, so that she should not struggle to keep awake for ours sake.

Despite being a short night, a Christmas miracle did actually occur – at least to me. I have for a long time been talking about acquiring espresso machine, and guess what… My girlfriend pooled up with the rest of my family in order to give me one. So when we sat around the tree and I opened a gift containing fresh coffee beans (and we had no grinder prior to this) I did not even dare to hope what it meant! I did get an espresso machine, a grinder and the rest of the necessary gear! Apparently, my eyes were shining like Christmas lights from the recent joy! I had never dared to wish for this – a true Christmas miracle.

Aaand FYI my girlfriend doesn’t even drink coffee.

A sincere ‘thank you’ to my girlfriend and the rest of my family. I’m looking forward making Latte Art at home. Pre-pare to see a lot more of that. 😉


About The Christmas Eve Outfit

I was trying to keep it rather formal, but was avoiding to end up in a suit for the evening. So instead I went for a dress shirt, a neat west and a gorgeous tie. Mixing it with black jeans and a pair of brogues dressed the outfit down to a level where it didn’t seem too ambitious. I love how the grey soles match the waistcoat, making some coherence. As it was a rather dark outfit I went for a colored tie. Even though it may look great with a black or grey tie for this look, I wanted to add just a bit of dynamic.


Tie – Hermés

Waistcoat – Hugo by Hugo Boss

Dress shirt – Zara

Jeans – Tiger Jeans by Tiger of Sweden

Belt – Gucci

Shoes – Clarks

Coat – Sand Copenhagen

Gloves – Hugo Boss


Merry Christmas

Portrait De L’HOMME


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