clean, cropped and casual

Hello and welcome back.

I guess this outfit best could be described as being clean, cropped and casual. The outfit is primarily inspired by Scandinavian fashion aesthetic as you know it from eg. COS, Acne and Filippa K, where one of the main focus areas are the sincere clean cuts and the plain surfaces of the pieces. This kind of minimalism creates a very elegant understated look. However, this exact outfit is more Scandinavian minimalism inspired, combined with a bit of edgy street style. The minimalism is expressed through the crop of the trousers, as well as the plain palette of the minimalistic color blocking. I really think that those grey, black and white blocks complement each other greatly. The street style is more related to the sneakers not being ‘plain’ enough, the shirt being ‘too opened up’ and the fact that the sleeves are rolled up. With even the bracelets pulling in the opposite direction of the intention of the Scandinavian minimalistic fashion. However, I think that it is what makes this look attainable – at least for me.

It’s generally a great outfit where you can turn up real chic and neat, without being too noisy. It’s perfect for these early spring days, where the sun is finally coming out. It’s also a great opportunity to show those ankles of yours. So bring out those cropped trousers, for a clean, cropped and casual outfit.

See you next time.
Portrait De L’HOMME

clean, cropped and casualclean, cropped and casualclean, cropped and casual clean, cropped and casual clean, cropped and casual



I’m Jon, a genuinely creative spirit who believes you should never put your style in a box.

Portrait De L’HOMME is a tribute to the modern trend seeking man and pulls references from traditional and contemporary fashion.

The goal is to show that simple investments in your appearance will come back manyfolded.

This will be expressed through various editorials in different scales and sizes.

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