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Must Have Color of the Season!

color of the season

Hey there guys!

I mentioned in one of my most recent posts (this one) that I’m all about overcoats! And accidentally I purchased another one… In the previous post I mentioned that black Sand Copenhagen coat, and I’ve been so pleased with it, that I bought one very similar in this beautful camel color! A must have color this season – both when it comes to menswear and womenswear!

I’ve actually wanted a camel coat for a while now, and finally found the perfect one (even though it is slightly darker than a regular camel coat). Who would have guessed that it would be similar to one already hanging in the closet? The thing about the camel coat is that it works great both with the more classic menswear – that typical navy/brown color combination, but where it gets real interesting is combining it with more modern blacks and greys. It gives that dark look a very soft warm and welcoming edge – of which a black over coat wouldn’t provide. This means that the camel coat will be as versatile as it will be cool!

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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