Comfy never looked so chic

comfy chic never looked so chic

 – The shoes are gifted –

I call it comfy chic. Elegant and Parisian inspired styling with sneakers that insinuate that you’re on your feet all day. While, I’m not the biggest sneaker head I do love fashion sneakers. This means, as you can probably tell my pictures, that sneakers are a big part of my rotation. However, Skechers has never really caught on to me. I was therefore, a little surprised by how intrigued I was by these Skechers Stamina. But I thought “let’s give them a shot, let’s see what they’re up to!”. The timing is just perfect as they fit perfectly into the whole comfy dad-aesthetic that dominates the current fashion scene. So trend wise they are quite on point.

I think they worked out well with the styling, see for your self in the editorial below.

comfy chic never looked so chic  

Comfy chic outfit details

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