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How I Gained Control of My Skin


How I Gained Control of My Skin

Hey guys,

During my teens I suffered from acne. And not acne as in an Acne Studios obsession, but as the common teenage boy acne issue. No matter what I did to prevent new disasters from showing up on my face, it didn’t work out. Ultimately I gave up. Every now and then I would use some sort of cleanse but without any effect – it’s like going to a gym just once.

However this winter the freezing air had seemed a bit rough on my skin, and I was thus beginning to actually apply some moisturiser. It helped softening up my skin in a time where it felt constantly dried out. Further did I meet with the lovely ladies from Amaze Press who introduced me to a few products that since have helped me gain much more control of my skin. My skin is not perfect, but it has definitely become so much better. Especially the number of black heads has decreased!


Foreo Luna II

control of my skin control of my skin

Despite looking more like a  sex toy than something that you’d rub your face with, you’d be surprised on how effective this tool is. I’ve found that one of the main reasons that I gave up on the entire cleaning of my skin, was that I felt that it took waaaaay to much time. You’d have to get your shirt off in order not to make everything wet, and after all you’d still have water everywhere and wet socks. What is so cool about the Foreo Luna II is that it is water resistant, and you can thus use it in the shower (still not a sex toy!). The tool has pre-programmed vibrations, that is timed for an appropriate 15 seconds for each of the 5 facial spots. When this program is done, then there is a wrinkle prevention program on the back, with another kind of vibrations.

This black version is specially designed for men which means that the small tips are 20% thicker than the regular Luna, as the male skin is thicker than the female. Apply a squeeze of the Foreo Cleanser with the Luna II tool 1 – 2 times a day, and your skin will feel so much better. Just remember to use a facial moisturiser afterwards.

Akademikliniken Pure Triple Peel

control of my skin control of my skin

The tripple peel sounded very odd to me at first. As I am fairly new to everything in the area of skin care, then I was quite confused about what a triple peel actually was (and I still am a bit). One thing that I can however say is that you can actually feel that your skin is being cleansed. After having the Pure Triple Peel on your face for a few minutes you really feel how the skin opens up. I personally use this 1 – 3 times a week, and I’m looking forward to every time.

I know that I might sound a little over enthusiastic about all of this, but I am merely fascinated by the remarkably quick results. I’ve definitely gained more control of my skin after I’ve introduced these two products (and a daily moisturiser) to my everyday routine.


Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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